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Our Flagship Beers

Between Rounds

Cream Ale

This approachable, satisfying brew has a creamy mouthfeel and a clean finish. Malty with a touch of sweetness, it's hopped with noble Saaz hops that have a delicate, earthy, herbal flavor. After a few hard rounds with the world, you deserve this . . .

Blind Man’s Holiday

Greensboro Pale Ale

What is Greensboro Pale Ale? It’s a brew that hits the sweet spot between Pale Ale and IPA – just like our hometown of Greensboro hits the sweet spot between the coast and the mountains.

We start with Maris Otter and Vienna malts to get a firm, malty backbone with hints of biscuit and grassiness. A blend of six hops including Amarillo, Simcoe and Chinook contributes a satisfying bitterness and an intense aroma of citrus, flowers and fruit, accented by herbal and piney notes.

Cherchez La Femme

Milk Stout

This blend of ten different malts creates an unsurpassed richness and complexity. We start with a premium Pale Ale base malt that gives a soft, clean maltiness. We add specialty malts like Black Malt, Crystal, Bonlander Munich, and Breiss Special Roast, layering in the malt flavors – roastiness, caramel, chocolate, and coffee. Flaked barley adds a full body of extraordinary creaminess. The flavor is balanced with the mellow sweetness of milk sugar and a hint of smooth Fuggle hop bitterness. The aroma is malt- forward, with a whisper of herbaceous hops and a touch of mint.



First, the beer. This beer has a huge tropical fruit aroma. The potent floral hop flavor is dominated by citrus and pine contributed by Mosaic and Crystal hops. You'll also taste smooth caramel, toasty biscuit, and graham cracker flavors from the Munich and Crystal malts, with a yeast-derived dry and fruity finish.

Next the name. Monkeysphere? Really? It's a reference to the pioneering work of anthropologist Robin Dunbar focused on social relationships in primates. He posits a limit to the number of stable relationships a monkey (or man) can maintain - jokingly called your "monkeysphere." And we'd be honored to be a part of your monkeysphere.

Rock 92 Brew

English-Style Session Ale

Doing a radio show for four hours every day, Chris Kelly and Chris Demm know how to pace themselves. And when you want to pace yourself, this premium brew will
refresh & satisfy. Smooth malt with a touch of caramel is balanced by noble Goldings hops. So keep your radio tuned to Rock92, and keep your fridge stocked with Rock92 Brew.

The Guilty Party


Gold Medal Winner - GABF 2015
This charmingly drinkable brew is a pleasure to share with friends old and new. Pleasingly full-bodied, it achieves a nice balance of caramelly, nutty, biscuity maltiness, and smooth but assertive bitterness. The premium English and Belgian malt comes through nicely in the nose, along with floral Indie Golding hops, and a wonderful fruitiness from the traditional English yeast.

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  • We have great locally made snacks such as Chad’s Carolina Corn, Hops & Nuts and Gone Jerky NC beef jerky, but you are always welcome to bring in outside food or to check out our binder of nearby restaurants that provide delivery and/or takeout.
  • Well-behaved, leashed dogs are welcome both inside and on our patio.
  • There is plenty of free parking in our lot and on the street.

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