Thomas Jefferson

Gibb’s Hundred Brewing Company was born out of a love of beer, 

a desire to feel a deeper sense of community, and a wish to contribute to the growth of Greensboro.  With our prior vagabond lifestyle, what better way to take root than with beer.  We decided on a name that we feel evokes the very sense of community we want to foster.  A hundred is an old Colonial term for a geographical subunit of a county or shire large enough to encompass about a hundred homesteads.  Thomas Jefferson was a vocal supporter of the establishment of hundreds to be used in the United States of America.  He believed that the hundred was the perfect amount of families to self-govern and educate but small enough that everyone could know each other well.  We invite you to become a part of our Gibb’s Hundred and enjoy some good conversation and great beer with us.  

Our Story

Mark and I met back in 1999 in Birmingham, Alabama where we both happened to be working at the time.  It was through an online personals bulletin board back before dating websites had become the norm. We didn’t even have scanners or cell phones to upload pictures- what were we thinking?  When we met in person at a bar for drinks, he told me he was a certified beer judge.  I completely thought he was kidding and called him out for what I was sure was a pick up line of sorts.  He then informed me about the process and how much studying is actually necessary to pass the test.  We started homebrewing together and my palate was introduced to the many styles of great beer. Obviously there must have been more than just zymurgy going on, because we got married in October of 2000.  Fast forward through five job transfers to five states and two kids later, we find our family living in Greensboro, NC.  Mark is working for a manufacturing company that branches out to making brewhouse systems for startup breweries.  He had always wanted to start his own brewery, but with the amount of moving we had been doing, it was never the right time.  When we realized that Greensboro had not kept pace with the changing regulation that was contributing to the craft brewery explosion in other areas, Mark approached the city to propose making Greensboro more appealing to microbreweries.  He persuaded them to change the rules so we could open our own brewery and hopefully bring more breweries to the area as well.  We decided to make Greensboro our permanent home for our family and our brewery.
Sasha Gibb  – Cofounder, Gibb’s Hundred Brewing Company